Shipping and return policies for Book of Diesel

Shipping Info
Most print [and/or apparel] orders are processed in batches as they are produced in very limited quantities.

As such, the date of shipment is usually about 10 days after the last possible day to order an item (or 10 days after the stock has been sold, depending on which happens first).

Shipping rates vary, and orders with multiple items come with special shipping rates. For any specific questions, send me an email.
Return Policy
If you run into a problem (outside of sizing mishaps, which I'll do my best to prevent) send me an email and we'll get it handled. There's no corporate red tape to jump through, so we should be able to get things squared away.

Digital purchases are not eligible for 'return' as they are... well, digital.

Seriously though, if you have an extraordinary problem with a product, snap some pix and email me. I'll work with you as best I can. I do quality checks before I send anything so most problems can be avoided.

Thanks for being thorough, hombre!